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Thin Chen Enterprise (full name Sheng Qian Enterprise Co., Ltd (Chinese: 聖謙企業股份有限公司)), also known as Sachen, was a Taiwanese company that developed several original games for the NES, Mega Drive, Game Boy and other early cartridge-based handheld systems such as the Watara Supervision and Mega Duck. With the exception of the latter two handhelds, all of Thin Chen's games were produced without license from the console manufacturers. The company produced at least 70 unique games for the NES and Famicom and at least 32 for the Game Boy (compiled into eight 4-in-1 cartridges), making it the most prolific unlicensed developer and publisher for both consoles.[1] The company also produced its own Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clones, such as the Q-Boy.[2]

Most of Thin Chen's products were released under the "Sachen" brand name, although the names Joy Van and Commin were also used for certain early games for the Famicom and handheld consoles respectively. Several of their NES games were released outside Taiwan under license by foreign publishers, including: HES Interactive in Australia, Hacker International in Japan (usually with added pornographic content), Bunch Games/Color Dreams and American Video Entertainment in the United States, and Milmar in Brazil.[1]

Developed games[edit]

Nintendo Entertainment System/Family Computer[edit]

List of titles as Thin Chen[edit]

# Serial number Title AKA title(s) Original release Notes
1 SA-003 Middle School English Dòng Dòngnǎo II - Guó Zhōng Yīngwén 1989
2 SA-002 The Penguin & Seal 1989 Published in AUS by HES Interactive as Arctic Adventure: Penguin & Seal.
3 SA-001 Taiwan Mahjong 16 Táiwān Máquè 16 1989
4 SA-013 Dancing Block 1990
5 TC-029 Gaiapolis 1990 An unofficial port of the homonym arcade game.
6 SA-008 The Mahjong World Máquè Shìjiè 1990 1) Contains nudity.
2) Published in Japan by Hacker International as Mahjong Summit Kabuchiko Hen.
7 SA-014 Magical Mathematics 1990 Credited as Magic Mathematic on title screen.
8 SA-027 Mahjang Companion Mahjong Partner 1990 1) Contains nudity.
2) Published in Japan by Hacker International.
9 TC-013 Poker II 1990 4 games in 1: Max 2, Ghost Buster, 99 and Change Around.
10 SA-009 Pyramid 1990 1) A puzzle game.
2) Published in the U.S. by American Video Entertainment, in AUS by HES Interactive, and in Japan by Hacker International.
3) The Hacker version contains nudity, and was also re-released by the same Sachen.
11 SA-010 Pyramid II 1990
12 SA-012 Millionaire 1990 A board game similar to Monopoly.
13 SA-015 Chess Academy Xiàngqí Xué Yuán 1991
14 SA-016 Hell Fighter 1991
15 SA-017 Locksmith 1991 A mix of action and puzzle.
16 TC-015 Olympic I.Q. 1991
17 TC-023 PoPo Team 1991
18 SA-021 Final Combat 1992
19 SA-019 The Great Wall 1992
20 N/A Magical Tower 1992
21 N/A Puff Kid 1992 A prototype of the game Q Boy.
22 SA-025 Taiwan Mahjong II 1) Táiwān Máquè 16 II
2) Bonus Tiles Mahjong
1992 Credited as Táiwān Huā Pái Máquè 16 on title screen.
23 SA-020 Tasac 1992 A basic vertical space-shooter.
24 SA-024 2-in-1 Tough Cop 1993 1) 2 games in 1: Tough Cop and Super Tough Cop.
2) Cartridge says "Light Gun Game", green label.
25 SA-022 Huge Insect 1993 1) A Galaga-style game with a wildlife theme rather than a space theme.
2) Produced in 1993 but remained unreleased until the early 2000s.
26 TC-024 Rockball 1993
27 TC-026 Q Boy 1994 A prototype screenshot in the back of certain Sachen game manuals shows the game being named Puff Kid at one point, and having a menu that contains an "Options" menu.
28 TC-025 Silver Eagle 1994 An overhead shoot 'em up very similar to Bloody Wolf or Metal Gear. The main character is sometimes called "Snake", which is the name of both the main protagonist in the Metal Gear series and one of the character's names in Bloody Wolf.
29 TC-030 Thunder Blaster Man Rocman X 1995 A platformer with a gliding ability and a boomerang weapon, title screen and Chinese version label says "Rocman X".
30 TC-032 中國大亨, Zhōngguó Dàhēng Millionaire II Unknown A board game similar to Game of the Goose.
31 N/A Měi Shǎo Nú Mèng Gōngchǎng Unknown An unofficial Chinese-language port of Princess Maker.

List of titles as Sachen[edit]

# Serial number Title AKA title(s) Original release Notes
1 TC-011 Chinese KungFu 1989 A clone of the game Double Dragon.
2 SA-005 Colorful Dragon 1989
3 SA-004 Lucky Bingo 1989 1) A slot-machine simulator.
2) Credited as Lucky 777 on title screen.
4 N/A Mine Sweeper 1989
5 N/A Mine Sweeper 2 1989
6 N/A Mine Sweeper 3 1989
7 SA-007 Bingo 75 1990 1) A slot-machine simulator containing nudity.
2) Credited as 75 Bingo on title screen.
8 N/A Challenge of the Dragon 1990 1) The U.S. version of Chinese KungFu.
2) Its title is not related to the Color Dreams game of the same name.
9 N/A Double Strike: Aerial Attack Force 1990 The U.S. version of Twin Eagle; published by American Video Entertainment.
10 TC-009 Galactic Crusader 1990
11 N/A Mission Cobra 1990
12 SA-006 Honey Peach Měinǚ Quán 1990 Contains nudity.
13 SA-011 Pipe V 1990 1) Credited as Pipe 5 on title screen.
2) Published in AUS by HES Interactive as Pipemania.
14 N/A Mahjong Trap Plus Sìchuān Máquè - Zhìfú Piān 1990 1) Contains nudity.
2) Published in Japan by Hacker International as Shisen Mahjong: Seifuku Hen.
15 N/A Tagin' Dragon 1990
16 TC-012 The World of Card Games 1) Poker I
2) Boku Koku Shuu Kin
1990 4 games in 1: Omnibus Hearts, Fan Tan, Chinese Rummy, and The Clock.
17 TC-017 Auto-Upturn 1991 1) A puzzle game.
2) Contains nudity in later levels.
18 TC-019 Chinese Checkers 1991
19 TC-016 Happy Pairs 1991 A Mahjong solitaire game.
20 TC-018 Magic Cube 1991
21 SA-026 Mahjong Academy 1) Máquè Xué Yuán - Zúyè Piān
2) Mahjong School
1992 Contains nudity.
22 TC-020 Poker III Poker III 5-in-1 1991 5 games in 1: King of Casino, King Poker, Poker, Blackjack, and The 13 Cards.
23 SA-018 Poker Mahjong Pūkè Máquè 1991
24 TC-014 Strategist 1991 2 games in 1: Poker Racing and The Battle of Poker.
25 TC-021 Super Pang 1991 An unofficial port of the arcade game Pang.
26 N/A Frog Adventure 1992 An unofficial port of the arcade game Frogger.
27 TC-022 Super Pang II 1992 An unofficial port of the arcade game Super Pang.
28 N/A Worm Visitor 1992 Similar to Frogger.
29 SA-023 2-in-1 Cosmocop 1993 1) 2 games in 1: Cosmocop and Cyber Monster.
2) Cartridge says "Light Gun Game", red-grey label.
30 TC-028 Jurassic Boy 1994 1) A Sonic 2 clone that lacks abilities from the original, such as rolling along the ground and spin dash. The NES manual mentions these features, however, and the game itself contains numerous unused sprites, suggesting these features were planned.
2) Credited as Jurassic Boy 2 on title screen.
31 TC-027 Street Heroes Samurai Spirits 1995 1) A fighting game with extensive use of voice samples.
2) The version titled Samurai Spirits is not a port of the arcade game of the same name.

List of titles as Joy Van[edit]

# Serial
Title AKA title(s) Original
1 TC-001 Jovial Race 迷魂車, Míhúnchē 1989 1) Similar to Rally-X.
2) Published in Brazil by Milmar.
2 TC-002 Hidden Chinese Chess 暗棋 帥 將, Ànqí Shuài Jiāng' 1989
3 TC-003 Sidewinder 1) 響尾蛇, Xiǎngwěishé
2) Mission Cobra
4 TC-004 Little Red Hood 小紅帽, Xiǎohóngmào 1989 Published in AUS by HES Interactive in 1990.
5 TC-005 Raid 1) 突擊, Tūjī
2) Silent Assault
6 TC-006 Twin Eagle 双鷹, Shuāng Yīng 1989 Published in 1990 by: American Video Entertainment in the U.S., HES Interactive in AUS, and Milmar in Brazil.
7 TC-007 Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu 盗帥, Dàoshuài 1989 Credited as Master Chu & the Drunkard Hu on title screen.
8 TC-008 Joyvan Kid[3] 1) 未来小子, Wèilái Xiǎozi
2) Metal Fighter
1989 Also known as Space Boy.
9 TC-009 Incantation 1) 蝶變, Diébiàn
2) Galactic Crusader
10 TC-010 Mahjong Trap 四川麻將, Sìchuān Májiàng 1989 1) Published in Japan by Hacker International as Shisen Mahjong: Seifuku Hen in 1990.
2) Contains nudity.

Multi-game cartridges[edit]

# Title Original release Notes
1 Funblaster Pak 1990 1) Contains: Metal Fighter, Twin Eagle, Little Red Hood, and Pipe V (credited as Pipemania).
2) Published by HES Interactive.
2 Mindblower Pak 1990 1) Contains: Galactic Crusader, Arctic Adventure, Magical Mathematics (credited as Math Quiz), and Shuǐguǒ Lí (credited as Jackpot).
2) Published by HES Interactive.
3) The game Shuǐguǒ Lí, is the only game on the list which is not released by Sachen.
3 Super Cartridge Version 1: 4-in-1 Unknown Contains: Bingo 75, Lucky Bingo, Honey Peach, and Chess Academy.
4 Super Cartridge Version 2: 10-in-1 Unknown 1) Contains Hidden Chinese Chess, Omnibus Hearts, Fan Tan, Chinese Rummy, Max 2, Ghost Buster, 99, Change Around, Fortune Telling (Chinese), and Fortune Telling (English).
2) All games appear on The World of Card Games and Poker II except the two versions of Fortune Telling.
5 Super Cartridge Version 3: 8-in-1 Unknown 1) Contains: Jovial Race, Little Red Hood, Twin Eagle, Silent Assault, Super Pang, Mine Sweeper, Mine Sweeper II, and Mine Sweeper III.
2) The three versions of Mine Sweeper were only released on this cartridge.
6 Super Cartridge Version 4: 6-in-1 Unknown Contains: Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu, Metal Fighter, Galactic Crusader, Auto-Upturn, Magic Cube, and Super Pang II.
7 Super Cartridge Version 5: 7-in-1 Unknown Contains: The Penguin & Seal, Middle School English, Pyramid, Magical Mathematics, Strategist, Olympic I.Q., and Chinese Checkers.
8 Super Cartridge Version 6: 6-in-1 Unknown Contains: Colorful Dragon, Pyramid II, Pipe V, Millionaire, Dancing Block, and Locksmith.
9 Super Cartridge Version 7: 4-in-1 Unknown Contains: Sidewinder, Happy Pairs, Tasac, and Silver Eagle.
10 Super Cartridge Version 8: 4-in-1 Unknown 1) Contains: Final Combat, Worm Visitor, Frog Adventure, and Magical Tower.
2) All games bar Final Combat were ported from the Game Boy exclusively for this cartridge.
11 Super Cartridge Version 9: 3-in-1 Unknown Contains: Challenge of the Dragon, Rockball, and PoPo Team.

Note: All series of Super Cartridge Version, was developed and released as Thin Chen Enterprise.


  • Mystical Muppet Mahjong [AKA Ti Xian Muou Majiang] — A port of Tel-Tel Mahjong.
  • --Unknown-- — A TC-031 numbered series game.


  • Bridge
  • Twin Ball[4]

Game Boy/Game Boy Color[edit]

List of titles as Sachen[edit]

# Title Original release [5] Game Boy GB Color Notes
1 2nd Space 1993 Yes No
2 Ant Soldiers 1993 Yes No
3 Black Forest Tale 1993 Yes No
4 Dan Laser 1993 Yes No
5 Magical Tower 1993 Yes No
6 Railway 1993 Yes No
7 Sky Ace 1993 Yes No
8 Worm Visitor 1993 Yes No
9 Zipball 1993 Yes No
10 Zoo Block 1993 Yes No
11 Crazy Burger 1994 Yes No
12 Explosive Brick '94 1994 Yes No
13 Captain Knick-Knack 1999 No Yes
14 Dice Square 1999 No Yes
15 Electron World 1999 No Yes
16 Jurassic Boy 2[6] 1999 No Yes
17 Rocman X Gold 1999 No Yes An alternate version of Thunder Blast Man.
18 Snake Roy 1999 No Yes
19 Thunder Blast Man[7] 1999 No Yes Also known as Rocman X on title screen. Although they are essentially the same game, it is worth noting that the characters in the game from Thunder Blaster Man and Rocman X are completely different, the first being the original Sachen creation from the NES version, and the second being a clone of Megaman.
20 Trouble Zone 1999 No Yes
21 Virus Attack 1999 No Yes
22 Beast Fighter 2000 No Yes
23 Gedou Zhanlue 2002 2002 No Yes An RPG and strategy game with elements of The King of Fighters.[8]
24 Street Heroes Unknown No Yes Credited as Street Hero on the package.[9]

List of titles as Commin[edit]

# Title Original release [5] Game Boy Game Boy Color Notes
1 A-Force: Armour Force 1993 Yes No
2 Arctic Zone 1993 Yes No
3 Bomb Disposer 1993 Yes No
4 Duck Adventures 1993 Yes No
5 Hong Kong Mahjung 1993 Yes No
6 Japan's Mahjong 1993 Yes No
7 Magic Maze 1993 Yes No
8 Store Tris 2 1993 Yes No
9 Street Rider 1993 Yes No A Game Boy version of Jovial Race.
10 Taiwan Mahjong 1993 Yes No
11 Trap & Turn 1993 Yes No
12 Vex Block 1993 Yes No
13 Deep: Final Mission 1994 Yes No
14 Pile Wonder 1999 No Yes
15 Puppet Knight 1999 No Yes
16 Suleiman's Treasure 1999 No Yes

Multi-game cartridges[edit]

# Serial number Title Original release Game Boy GB Color Notes
1 4B-001 4-in-1 Version 1 1997 Yes No Contains: Street Rider, Vex Block, Trap & Turn, and Duck Adventures.
2 4B-002 4-in-1 Version 2 1997 Yes No Contains: Virus Attack, Electron World, Dice Square, and Trouble Zone.
3 4B-003 4-in-1 Version 3 ??? Yes No 1) Also known as Commin 4-in-1.
2) Contains: Taiwan's Mahjong, Japan's Mahjong, Hong Kong's Mahjung, and Store Tris 2.
4 4B-004 4-in-1 Version 4 1997 Yes No Contains: Pile Wonder, Snake Roy, Suleiman's Treasure, and Puppet Knight.
5 4B-005 4-in-1 Version 5 ??? Yes No Contains: Arctic Zone, Magical Tower, Railway, and Worm Visitor.
6 4B-006 4-in-1 Version 6 ??? Yes No Contains: Bomb Disposer, A-Force: Armour Force, Black Forest Tale, and 2nd Space.
7 4B-007 4-in-1 Version 7 ??? Yes No Contains: Ant Soldiers, Dan Laser, Sky Ace, and Zoo Block.
8 4B-008 4-in-1 Version 8 1997 Yes No Contains: Captain Knick-Knack, Flea War, Explosive Brick, and Magic Maze.
9 4B-009 4-in-1 Version 9 ??? Yes No Contains: Zipball, Small Gorilla, Crazy Burger, and Deep: Final Mission.
10 8B-001 Color 8-in-1 1999 No Yes Contains: Zipball, Deep: Final Mission, Crazy Burger, Small Gorilla, Street Rider, Vex Block, Trap & Turn, and Duck Adventures.
11 8B-002 Color 8-in-1 1999 No Yes Contains: Virus Attack, Electron World, Trouble Zone, Dice Square, Pile Wonder, Snake Roy, Puppet Knight, and Suleiman's Treasure.
12 8B-003 Color 8-in-1 1999 No Yes Contains: Arctic Zone, Magical Tower, Railway, Worm Visitor, Bomb Disposer, 2nd Space, Black Forest Tale, and A-Force: Armour Force.
13 8B-004 Color 8-in-1 1999 No Yes Contains: Ant Soldiers, Sky Ace, Dan Laser, Zoo Block, Captain Knick-Knack, Flea War, Explosive Brick, and Magic Maze.
14 31B-001 31-in-1 Mighty Mix Unknown No Yes 1) Contains all of their games developed as Sachen for the Game Boy/Game Boy Color, as well as a few more: Thunder Blastman (sic), Jurassic Boy 2, Street Rider, Bomb Disposer, Dan Laser, Vex Block, Explosivew Brick (sic), Small Gorilla, Trap & Turn, Pile Wonder, Arctic Zone, Zoo Block, Magic Maze, Magical Tower, Virus Attack, Electron World, Truble Zone (sic), Dice Square, Railway, Worm Visitor, 2nd Space, Black Foresttale (sic), A-Force, Skyace, War Flea, Crazy Burger, Deep, Zipball, Captain Knick, Ant Soldiers, and Duck Adventures.
2) The menu font does not contain the characters '&' or '-'. They are displayed as ' ' (space).

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive[edit]

Both two games were developed and copyrighted as Thin Chen Enterprise co., as seen on the title screen. However, the name Sachen also appears on the opening screen.

# Title AKA title Original release Notes
1 Competition Mahjong Shizen Mahjong Unknown
2 Queen of Poker Club Unknown 6 card games in 1.

Watara Supervision[edit]

All games, both as Thin Chen Enterprise that as Sachen, were all made in 1992 with the only exception of Kung-Fu Street, which was made in 1993.

# Title Brand name Release year
1 Balloon Fight Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
2 Chinese Checkers Sachen 1992
3 Dancing Block Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
4 Final Combat Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
5 Galactic Crusader Sachen 1992
6 Galaxy Fighter Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
7 Happy Pairs Sachen 1992
8 Happy Race Sachen 1992
9 Hero Hawk Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
10 John Adventure Sachen 1992
11 Kabi-Island: Gold in Island Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
12 Kung-Fu Street Thin Chen Enterprise 1993
13 Magincross Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
14 Penguin Hideout Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
15 PoPo Team Sachen 1992
16 Pyramid Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
17 Super Pang Sachen 1992
18 Super Kong Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
19 Tasac 2010 Thin Chen Enterprise 1992
20 Thunder Shooting Thin Chen Enterprise 1992

Mega Duck[edit]

Each Mega Duck/Cougar Boy game is similarly labeled as the same games were marketed for both systems. The notation MDxxx is used for Mega Duck Games, and the notation CBxxx for a Cougar Boy Games. A MD002 is exactly the same game as the CB002, even to a point that some "Cougar Boy" games start up with a Mega Duck logo.

All of the games released for the Mega Duck were subsequently available on the Game Boy.

   Background shading indicates games that have a Cougar Boy Variant.
  Serial number followed by a/b/c/d/e indicates included games in # cartridge.
Serial number Title Brand Name Release year
002 Street Rider Commin 1993
003 Bomb Disposer Commin 1993
004 Vex Commin 1993
005 Suleuman's Treasure Commin 1993
006 Arctic Zone Commin 1993
007 Magic Maze Commin 1993
008 Puppet Knight Commin 1993
009 Trap and Turn Commin 1993
010 Pile Wonder Commin 1993
011 Captain Knick Knack Sachen 1993
013 Black Forest tale Commin 1993
014 Armour Force Commin 1993
018 Snake Roy Sachen 1993
019 Railway Sachen 1993
021 Beast Fighter Sachen 1993
026 Ant Soldiers Sachen 1993
028 2nd Space Sachen 1993
029 Magic Tower Sachen 1993
030 Worm Visitor Sachen 1993
031 Duck Adventures Commin 1993
035 Four in One Sachen 1993
035a Virus Atack Sachen 1993
035b Electron World Sachen 1993
035c Trouble Zone Sachen 1993
035d Dice Block Sachen 1993
036 Commin Five in one Commin 1993
036a Store Tris 1 Commin 1993
036b Store Tris 2 Commin 1993
036c Taiwan Mahjong Commin 1993
036d Japan Mahjong Commin 1993
036e Hong Kong Mahjung Commin 1993
037 Zipball Sachen 1993

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